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Here is the secret of all secrets: you are a creative power.

You have creative power, and you use it every day. Some days, you use it to create great fortune for your well being. Most days however, you unconsciously sabotage your life with it – rendering any and all efforts of self improvement useless.

So how do you stay ahead of yourself?

This is the point of all self help methods: to rise above your obsolescence and define yourself anew. The key to this is by using your creative power, deliberately (in other words, consciously).

There are many ways, methods, and schools on how to use your creative power (also known as “the Secret”). There are the “quick fix” crowd that are addicted to the shiny object syndrome. You know these people – the ones who try everything under the sun but never get results.

Then there are the small minority of people who are in it for the long run. These are the folks that invest in the long term, and they get results. But it’s not glorious; it’s not romantic. It’s hard work!

Quantum Jumping is for the people in the second crowd.

What benefit can Quantum Jumping give me?

In essence, this method is an advanced visualization technique. You use the power of both your conscious and subconscious mind to solve your problems with creative solutions.

This method is created by Burt Goldman, based on 3 decades of research. Burt himself is an avid student of self improvement. He has studied various techniques during his time as a sergeant in the American army and as a leading trainer for the Silva Method.

In the program, he guides you through the Quantum Jumping process. I have followed his guidance myself and experienced my first jump into a “parallel universe” and met my “doppelganger”.

When you do the technique, you can ask for help from your doppelganger. This alternate version of you has more success, more wisdom, and more knowledge to aid you in creating the life you desire.

In short, your doppelganger is more connected to the Infinite Source of your creative power!

This is how you can use Quantum Jumping to improve your life: by doing the same actions that your double has done to get where they are.

The method has a specific approach to find your alternate doubles, and how to approach them for best results. You need to know how to ask the right questions (also called “high level questions” by Burt inside the program). When you ask these right questions, you can find the right answers that will open the doors so your efforts are more successful.

Burt himself has used the program to build his “invisible counselors”, which is the same technique that Napoleon Hill uses. If you could have a private conversation with great minds, such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, or even Mahatma Gandhi, what questions would you ask?

Asking the right questions is only the beginning of your journey.

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